of Maxfurn BV, established at Koperslagerstraat 11 in Uden (NL)
deposited with the Chamber of Commerce under number [2320422].

Article I: Applicability
1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers from and agreements with Maxfurn.
2. The applicability of general terms and conditions of the counterparty is expressly rejected.

Article II: Prices
1. Unless otherwise stated, the prices of Maxfurn are:
a. Excluding VAT, import duties, other taxes, charges and rights;
b. Excluding the costs of transport and insurance;
c. specified in euros.

Article III: Price quotations and order acceptance
1. All agreements are entered into by Maxfurn subject to the condition that its credit insurer issues a
sufficient credit limit for the counterparty. The credit insurer of Maxfurn assesses the creditworthiness of
the client. If the credit insurer refuses credit insurance or restricts or withdraws the cover for a credit
insurance that has been taken out, Maxfurn is entitled to demand additional surety from the client, as
determined by Maxfurn.
2. The models, images, drawings and dimensions demonstrated, enclosed with or notified in price
quotations provide a general representation of the offered articles. Changes as a result of which the
actual implementation deviates slightly from the models, images, drawings or dimensions as referred to
above but as a result of which no essential changes are made to the technical and aesthetic design of the
articles in no way impose on Maxfurn the obligation to pay any compensation and do not give the
counterparty the right to refuse to take delivery of or make payment for the goods delivered, or to
dissolve the agreement.
3. For orders with an invoice amount below €1,000, in connection with the higher costs, Maxfurn is entitled
to charge an additional fee of €80 to the counterparty. In the case of orders not made via the portal,
Maxfurn is entitled to charge administration costs in the amount of €15 per order.
Article IV: Retention of title
Delivered goods, even those which have already been paid for by the counterparty, will remain the
property of Maxfurn as long as Maxfurn has a claim for an amount against the counterparty on any
grounds whatsoever.

Article V: Delivery times
1. Specified delivery times are approximations. Maxfurn undertakes as far as possible to comply with the
specified delivery times, but cannot be held liable for the consequences of exceeding a delivery time
which Maxfurn could not reasonably have avoided. In the event of any such exceeding of the delivery
time, Maxfurn is not required to pay any compensation, nor will it give the counterparty the right to
dissolve the agreement. Maxfurn will not accept any penalty clauses from the counterparty relating to a
minimal exceeding of the delivery time.
2. If the estimated delivery time as intended in paragraph 1 of this article is exceeded, Maxfurn will be
allowed a reasonable additional period in which to still make delivery. This additional period is equal to
the originally estimated delivery time, with a maximum of two months. If this additional delivery period is
exceeded, the counterparty shall be entitled to dissolve the agreement without notice of default or
judicial intervention and/or to demand compensation.
3. By entering into the agreement, the counterparty grants permission to Maxfurn to deliver the purchased
goods in part deliveries. These part deliveries may be individually invoiced.
4. If the counterparty refuses to immediately take delivery of the goods offered correctly and undamaged,
any resultant waiting and transport costs, storage costs and administration costs will be for the account
of the counterparty.

Article VI: Complaints
1. The counterparty is required to inspect the goods for visible defects, immediately following receipt.
2. The counterparty must notify Maxfurn in writing of any observed defects within five working days from
the date of receipt, including a clear description and photographs, on pain of the expiry of all rights.

Article VII: Warranty
Maxfurn guarantees that the goods supplied by Maxfurn comply with the agreement and are suitable for
normal, domestic use. Defects notified to us within two years following delivery will be repaired free of
charge. Repairs are carried out subject to the terms and conditions of the CBW consumer association.

Article VIII: Limited liability
1. Maxfurn hereby excludes all liability for itself, its employees and assistants for damage of whatever kind,
direct or indirect, including loss of profit, consequential losses, damage to movable or immovable
property or personal injury.
2. Maxfurn can also not be held liable for any damage caused during the implementation of the agreement
by third parties.
3. Under all circumstances, any liability of Maxfurn will be limited to not more than the net invoice amount
for the delivery in question.

Article IX: Force majeure
1. In the event of force majeure, Maxfurn is entitled to suspend implementation of the agreement or to fully
or partially dissolve the agreement, without Maxfurn being required to pay any compensation.
2. The party that believes it is in a force majeure situation is required to immediately duly inform the other

Article X: Payments
1. All payments must have been received by Maxfurn net, in cash, without setoff or discount, within 8
working days following the invoice date.
2. Contrary to Article 6:43 of the Dutch Civil Code, Maxfurn will be exclusively authorized to allocate
payment from the counterparty to outstanding items, interest and costs. Maxfurn is entitled to take no
account of payment references specified by the counterparty.

Article XI: Disputes and applicable law
1. All disputes will be settled by the competent court in the place of residence of Maxfurn.
2. The legal relationship between Maxfurn and the counterparty is exclusively subject to Dutch law.

Uden, 21 April 2021